Time for a green bath.

Yes, that is a syringe in our bath! When you have a daddy who works in a hospital he can bring home lots of fun things. These are great water pistols! They also come in handy when kids are icing biscuits (of course I use a new set of syringes for those!).

It has also been brought to my attention that I need to clarify a few things when trying this trick at home.

1. you really only need the smallest of small amounts of food dye (just a drop or two) - it goes a surprisingly long way!

2. you need to put the coloring in before the kids get in the bath. Otherwise, it can splash on them and if it gets directly on the skin it will stain for a while.

Along this theme, I happened to see a new product today called 'Gelli Baff' when waiting for the checkout at Target this morning. Apparently it turns the bath/pool water, into jelly and then back again to water.......really! I am intrigued! Anyone tried it?


ZippyZippy said...

We had the green bath last night, was a hit!

m.e (Cathie) said...

if we were ever to use gelli baff at our place, I am absolutely sure one or even both would EAT it!

Katie said...

Hi there I was jus checking ut the yellow entrys from hello owl, great idea about the food dye in the bath!
We have most certainly used gelibaff nasty suff that it is! Check it out here: http://kateandmichael3.blogspot.com/2010/04/what-day.html

Anonymous said...

hey chick its jess from church,
i tried gelli baff with the duff boys and it was pretty fun! but i think the less water the thicker the geli, so mayb if u put double in if u want to have a deeper bath which i do. but it was fun! i think i was more intrigued then they were...but they had a blast!
x love ur blog babe x


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