When my 2 sisters and I were growing up, our mother was the birthday queen! We ALWAYS had a theme and had great fun in preparation for the big day. Our 3 birthdays were all within a few weeks of each other so "party season" in our house was a big one! Lou and I have followed that tradition with our own children. I may be slightly more obsessed, but that is another story!

On Sunday we went to our gorgeous nephew's 4th birthday party. He had chosen an underwater theme and Lou did a fantastic job!

Here are some photos....

Very yummy fish cupcakes. When I asked my 2.5 year old if he'd like some fish cake, he said "oh no. that's yucky mummy" until I convinced him I had not meant fish flavoured!
Personalised water bottles - fun way to get kids to actually drink water (instead of soft drink) at a party!

My seaweed wig (that I made for my daughter's 5th birthday party last year).

Check out more photos of this party on Lou's blog here and here.

My new favorite things for parties, are printable pdf's. You can buy, for a very reasonable price, a pdf pattern for anything from party hats, cupcake wrappers, cupcake toppers, paper bunting, posters, etc, etc and they can all be used for anything and can be printed up as many times as you like. My favourite sites for party printables are:

www.partiesbyhardie.etsy.com (used in this party)

I'll be putting more party ideas in this blog as time goes by because I really do love parties!


feel what I felt said...

The idea is FANTASTIC, i just can't stop smiling!!!!!

Chic Mother and Baby said...

How awesome are those cupcakes? Where do you think I could get cowboy theme ones???

Frog, Goose and Bear said...

I actually do!! - i have been looking into ideas for my son's 'farm' themed birthday and you can check out the following sites...


Also, karaspartyideas.blogspot.com has some gorgeous cowboy, farm and tractor party ideas, just scroll down the themes on the right hand side and click to get to them.

Let me know if you find any other great ideas for a cowboy party!

Chic Mother and Baby said...

yummy i heart cupcakes - this is what i love about the online world people are so nice they put up all their ideas!

Frog, Goose and Bear said...

So do I !!! Some more good ones for cowboy themes are these:



let me know how the cowboy party goes won't you!

Felicia said...

What did you use for the fins of the fish cupcakes?

Louise Cooper said...

Did you make the fish and if so do you have a tutorial?

Great ideas


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