I'm not the type to box myself and I don't like trying to put others in boxes , however on this occasion I thought it would be interesting to pause and reflect.

Earlier in the year my daughter did a project at school called "Me-in-a-box" where they had to collect 6 items that they felt represented them. They had to decorate the box (Goose may have gone slightly overboard with the stickers...) and then explain the reason they chose those items to the class.

This got me thinking... what would I put in my box?

This was around the time that I first started my blog. Only four short months ago. In my very first blog post I was wondering where on earth 'me' had gone. Who was 'me' anymore anyway?

Can I just say that I am absolutely blown away by how such a simple thing as blogging is bringing 'me' back. Of course, I was here all along but it's this blog that is helping me to see that and helping me to answer that question as I see myself reflected in this writing and in these pictures. It has been quite the therapy I needed.

So...... from the pages of this blog, I am realising 'me' again and beginning to be able to articulate - through this hazy fog of motherhood (where all focus tends to be on others and not myself) - what makes me 'me' and allowing myself to pursue that wholeheartedly.

Beyond that as well, I am connecting with other bloggers who share similar interests and similar daily struggles and I don't feel alone in them anymore. Others who are allowing those dishes to pile up while giving themselves space for some 'me' time to express who they really are and what they truly value. Thank you for the inspiration.

My box may just contain....

a photo of the best kids in the world
my wedding ring
something belonging to my mother
a classic piece of literature
a pair of scissors
a party hat
a mustard seed

Why limit it to six?

What would you put in your box?
Remembering that, of course, that you are allowed to jump out of that said box any time you like!

This post was rewound at the Fibro (03/11) & MultipleMum (07/11)


Melinda @ Here We Go Loopy Lou said...

Great post Emma. A mustard seed??!! I'm going to have a good think about my box.

m.e (Cathie) said...

what a great post Emma! yeah, I was thinking why about that mustard seed too :)

isn't it weird that it takes something like blogging to find like minded souls out there & to be something more than just mum.

my box would definitely have to have a pic of my two best creations..EVER, my camera and a heart brooch that Ms Curlypops gave me at a time when I need it sooo much.
can you put a few cuddles in there too... because they are always needed.

Sarah said...

i agree a really nice post and i have to say for me blogging is such a nice way to get the creative mind thinking again. everywhere i look i now see beauty and creativity even more than before. this is now a great way for me to channel my creative energy into something fun and exciting ... in my box i would have to have photographs of my beautiful boy and lovely husband, some fresh flowers, my camera, gift tags, crayons and a box of mixed tea! have a fun weekend Emma.

Mira Narnie said...

Oh Em, let me first wipe a little tear that has sprung in my eye - what a lovely thought out post - just so perfect for how I feel too - having started a blog at the same time as you - I can really feel the same impact it has had on me - I have found a connection that I needed and am loving every moment of it. i love your six items, and it will keep me thinking what i would put in my "me box"!! Hope the rest of your weekend is great ;-)

Sonia said...

It was fun thinking about this one...

My six items would be:
- a book
- coloured paper
- a photo of my husband and children
- a pot
- my specs
- a pen

Anna Bartlett said...

My kids have done a similar school project, but I'd never thought of a 'box' for me!
I think I'd have...
- photos of my 5 babies
- my wedding ring
- my laptop
- a paintbrush
- a thin black nikko pen
- my recipe folder
... but is that really me?
I think I'd like to add my closest friends, my mum and sister, the simple quilt I made my baby, the butterflies painting I did especially for Sophia, memories ...
So many homemade things. Plenty of lovely memories...
I can't choose.
I am blessed.
Thanks for the reminder!

Buttons by Lou Lou said...

I'm so glad that you did finally start your blog because they are so much fun. It is amazing the connections and inspiration you can get from your own posts (and their comments) and the posts of others. You are obviously connecting very quickly with so many people that are on your same wave length. You have so many cool things to share and I'm glad you have realised this through blogging. You are multitalented, multifaceted and I'm sure your kids love it as well as all of the people you see in your day to day life and online. I look forward to seeing more... Lou

Still not sure what I would put in my box though...

mamabook said...

That was lovely. Have just popped over from Weekend Rewind. Right now I am immersed in packing boxes. Apparently I am putting our whole life in a box! But seriously, photos and books. If our shipping containers falls overboard they are the only things I will care about losing. So I am putting my family and a chunky pile of books in a box.
And totally agree about blogging and finding my voice again post-motherhood.

allison tait said...

What a fab idea! A mustard seed???? I love the party hat. And I LOVE the stickers. Your daughter has MUCHO style.

Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.

Lucy said...

What a gorgeous idea!

(I am popping over from the Fibro, by the way.)

I am fascinated by the mustard seed.

I am pondering now, of couse, what I would put in my box.

My recipe folder
A photo of my lovely husband and I with our children
Some maps
Some silver jewellry
A bag - an Oroton one...

LJM said...

My daughter and I discussed what my box may hold b4 we read your potential box and it's funny how the first thing for me was photo of kids and hubby too. The rest was my personal recipe book, something to do with cats, a green pen, (job requirement), a candle and a bath:)

joeh said...

My ex-wives and then I would lose the box!

Cranky old man

Mrs Catch said...

Popping over from the Fibro. What an intriguing idea. Your daughter made a beautiful box. It looks very happy. What's with the mustard seed? Is it biblical?

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

I remember this post. Loved it!

Visiting from the REwind.

Kellie said...

OH, I love this idea!
I'd say:
* a photo of the family
* a book
* English breakfast tea
* My wedding ring
* notepad and pen
* my laptop

MultipleMum said...

This is such a fun idea! I honestly need more time to think about my six items. Like others before me, wonder about the mustard seed!?! Thanks for Rewinding this Weekend x

life without mathematics said...

Rewinding the weekend to find you and loving your space. Especially the icons. And the box. And the beach. And your beautiful babes. I'm not a good decisions girl, so thinking about what to put in the box will keep me here all night. However, I'll feed off the idea for hours once I leave! Hooroo till another time.

Naomi said...

I'd have to think for a while about my six, but perhaps I'd put my laptop in the box with all my blog posts saved on it... or is that cheating?

Seana Smith said...

LOvely to read what blogging means, we mums need this little bubbles of space and time that are just for us. Hard to find. Love the box idea, very thought provoking.

Gina said...

Great to read this post. I'm with you on the mustard seed :). As for the other things, I'll have to ponder awhile... but good things to ponder.


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