These days if we ever have anyone over for dinner (sadly not as often as we used to) I do a roast lamb. Mainly because it is the easiest meal I can think of that's still impressive. Better than a date with Tom Cruise after all!*

There are many other fancy ways of doing roasts but this is the most simple. Put your roast (rolled, leg, whatever) in a moderate oven (180C) for about an hour, depending on the size of your roast. The general rule of thumb is it takes about 30 mins per 500g of lamb or beef, chicken 25 mins per 500g and 45 mins per 500g for pork. Chuck some chopped vegies in at the same time with a bit of oil and salt and they'll take the same amount of time.

If you are not a carnivore, my Mum makes the best roast vegetable salads. Here is one of her many recipes....


Put the following vegies in a slow oven (150C) for 20 mins.

3 medium potatoes
1/4 butternut pumpkin (cut in 2cm cubes)
1 small sweet potato (cut 2cm cubes)
6 halved Roma tomatoes
1 teaspoon (sea salt)
3 tbs olive oil.

Then add, for another 20 mins:

3 red capsicums (grilled & peeled)
1 corn cob (kernels only)
2 red onions (chopped into small pieces)
2 sprigs of rosemary (leaves only)
1 tspn sea salt
1/2 tbs olive oil

Now it's your turn.... what easy meals are you cooking up? Link in below and share!
Special mention to Cat for last weeks chicken & apple meatballs link in at just the right time - saved the day!

*Not sure if that is quite the call that it used to be......


Tracey said...

no, I believe Tom is not quiet so much a draw card anymore... I would definitely go the roast lamb!

TK said...

Now here is a meal my husband would actually eat!!! He is such a PLAIN eater it drives me barmy!!! (well barm-ier than normal!!!)

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Thanks for the special mention, I am so glad they were a hit at your house too (we love them!)

Sarah said...

That looks amazing ... i love lamb and with all the fresh rosemary that we have growing i must buy some and have a bit of a cook up on the weekend.

Maxabella said...

Roast! Favourite! Salivating! Just had dinner! Oh no! x


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