A DIY DRESS-UP PARTY - {the food}

We had lots of fun yesterday at Frog's Dress-Up Party.
I thought I'd share this one by breaking it up into a few posts along with some Iinks if you are interested in having your own dress-up or movie/theatre party. The whole thing was very inexpensive and lots of fun. This post is all about the food.

With lots of dress-ups hanging everywhere it looked like a dressing room backstage at the theatre, so the food was along that theme also.

You can buy some of these gorgeous vintage popcorn bags here.

The glitter star wands were made using this shortbread recipe, some bamboo skewers, cachous, edible glitter and creative children.

You can find out how to make these fun popcorn cupcakes here.

For these perfectly themed movie party printables
(water bottles and much more) head over here.

A cheat's cake using one Barbie, a 4 litre bucket of icecream, some maltesers and some sparkling, glittery fabric and ribbon. Served with mini icecream cones. The icecream cake meant I did not make choc-tops which would have been perfect Aussie movie/theatre food!

Take home malteser bags.
This idea and other great movie party ideas (along with free printables) here.
Jaffas would have been perfect here also.

Star sandwiches and star cheeses.

Stay tuned for some very funny dress-up photos of the stars of the show,
adults and children alike...


Maria said...

Happy Birthday Frog.
Looks like you had the best birthday party.

Selina said...

it all looks really great, arent there some really easy and good ideas for kids parties now?? love it

Simoney said...

WOW Emma!! You are amazing with your parties... I am so impressed and I love that you have puts the links to where you found stuff.
PLEASE make sure to link up all your party posts to my party linky???
This is AWESOME!! Can't wait to see more.

Simoney said...

OH and BTW I LOVE your new header & buttons.

JANE said...

Oh, Emma! You excelled yourself. Hmm, Joshie's party's on Sunday. Maybe I might use some of these printables - they look fantastic! Thanks for sharing. J x

Maxabella said...

AWESOME! I am bookmarking your lovely party food instantly. It looks so amazing. I bet the Frog was the happiest birthday girl ever. Can't wait to find out more about the party. x

Anna Bartlett said...

Fantastic party Emma! Love it how everything comes together. Did you have icecream under the fabric of the skirt though, or did you leave it in the tub? Love the popcorn cupcakes especially!

Tania said...

And now I'm breathing...

...there's a birthday party looming and you just made all of that look uber easy. Happy birthday kidlet.

Catherine said...

Oh wow Emma the party looks soooo good, you've done a fantastic job. I hope Frog had the best time, Happy Birthday! xo

Sonia said...

This is definitely your 'thing', isn't it?! It looks absolutely fantastic and I'm sure your children know how great a mum you are to do the bestest birthday parties ever!

Aimee said...

it all looks amazing!! you really have a talent at putting a party together... lucky for your gorgeous little frog. bet she loved every second!

m.e (Cathie) said...

happy birthday little one!
party food looks amazing and the glitter..always a bonus!

Sarah said...

Oh Emma, I love love love it. I wish we lived in the same city - I would seriously hire you to do all my parties. I find it stressful - fun, but stressful.


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