A couple of weeks ago, Goose had a friend over after school and they were looking for an "activity" to do. Goose whipped out an old 'Mister Maker' book and they all made snow domes.

I was surprised at how easy it was!
Simply put some plasticine in the lid of a jar, stick a small toy or two firmly in the plasticine, fill jar with water and glitter and put lid back on to jar and you have your very own snow dome!
I have seen them made by adding a little glycerine as well, but ours worked well enough without it.

That very night I happened to come across this post with the idea of putting a gift card, along with a small decoration, inside a snow globe.* I thought it was a great way of snazzing up a gift that could potentially be a little boring! I am imagining too a toy goat next to a toy tree in a snow globe when giving one of these charity gifts.**

So there are now a few people receiving one of these on Christmas Day...

For more simple kids craft ideas, you might like to check out our kids craft page here.

* They did test the gift cards out after a week and they still worked, but they did suggest not to leave the gift card in the water for any longer than a week!

** If you've never heard of these charity gifts, you really must check them out! This year we are giving a toilet to someone...not quite sure how I'll make that one into a snow globe yet... ADDITION DEC 2011 - We made them this year!  Check them out in this post.


Maxabella said...

You're a clever one, Emma. I have so enjoyed learning LOTS from you!!! I think my kids wish they were your kids!

I'm off to make your rocky road...


Maxabella said...

PS - your sis does not sell buttons any more... makes me sad every time I see your little sidebar image. Please wish her a HAPPY Chrissy and maybe, just maybe, she'll pop into blogland some day soon in 2011?!? x

Posie Patchwork said...

Merry Christmas Emma, wishing your lovely big family a wonderful holiday, love Posie

Catherine said...

This is a great Christmas craft idea that I know that my Miss 6 will just love, snow globes are her favourite. xo

Kate said...

Really?? Just water and glitter??
Sounds too easy. I thought there'd have to be some sort of nasty non stick together type stuff involved. I think we might be making some here tomorrow.


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