A ROCKET PARTY {the activities}

I'm a big fan of having activities to walk straight into at a party. No awkwardness, just straight into the fun. Sets the tone for a fun party to come. Kids can go at their own pace and only participate in activities that they want to. Having activities all set up before hand also makes it easier on the party host so that she's not running around like a headless chook* I also don't enjoy running group games, particularly when kids are all of varied ages and abilities and competition is involved.

This rocket themed party was for our gorgeous four year old, Bear.

A surprise hit at the party was a rocket that we made from a large refrigerator box.*** Thanks to our friend Ben (who happens to have an engineering degree) we came up with quite a convincing rocket.

So much of a hit that it was not quite the same by the end of the party...

The kids could play with space playdough, moon sand,

(some may have gone a little too far...)

blow space bubbles

or read some space themed books or have their hair spray painted with space glitter.**

We did have a game of pin the tail on the rocket, but I figure the blindfold part puts all ages on an equal footing and the game can be played in a staggered way. It's also become a bit of a tradition of ours to have some kind of pin the .... on the .... game to fit the theme of a party.

The kids also decorated soft drink/pop bottles, that I had spray painted white, and made them into rockets...

...then after the food we went over to the park across the road and blasted them into space!

Each child had a turn at shooting their rocket into the air. So much fun!

Purchased here on ebay, they seriously went about 20 metres into the air and and I think the adults (particularly the Dad's) had as much fun as the kids!

Come back tomorrow for more rocket party pics - the food & the decorations.

In the meantime, for more kids party ideas you might like to visit my Party Ideas Page or check out others' DIY parties here.

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* For the benefit of my overseas readers, this is an Australian colloquial term meaning, to run around like crazy.
** Not necessarily a big hit - particularly as a majority of guests had blonde hair & it did not really show up well and most children were just not interested.
*** Obtained by heading around the back of a white goods store and asking for a large box.


Tania said...

You are a born Kid Party Do-er. Just anytime you were pondering a new career move...

Rowie & Nita said...

Em- the rocket party looked fab! What a hit!

Gemma @ My Big Nutshell said...

Emma that is a wonderful party! You are so clever and thoughtful. I love your ideas and how deeply you think about including everyone at the same time as making sure you're able to enjoy the party too.

Maxabella said...

You give great party, Em. Your activity ideas are always flat-out original and great fun. x

m.e (Cathie) said...

bow to the queen! awesome party ideas Emma, really great ♥

Sannah said...

Wow! It looks like SO much fun! Perfect party for a 4 year old boy :) I love your idea of having activities set up so that the children can just go straight into things. I always hated (on behalf of my children) the awkwardness at the beginning of parties. What a great way to counteract it. How fun are the rockets! The science teacher at school did it last term for all the classes, but I didn't realise that you could buy them! Brilliant! xx

Giggleberry (Amy) said...

Great ideas!! LOVE the blasting their made rockets into space - kids would go nuts for that!!

Anna Bartlett said...

Love it! Have to try those rockets! I suspect they would still be fun for my nearly 10 year old (and possibly the nearly 48 year old too!)

Posie Patchwork said...

Rocktastic & look at your growing children. Trust the adults to bring the class of the party down with snot balls, classic, love Posie

folkyjenny said...

Thanks for all the inspiration. Having our space party 2 Oct!


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