Whilst in quarantine a few weeks ago, and in preparation for the next MOPS activity, the kids and I made our own 'find-it-jars'.  I'd seen these jars all over blogland and thought it would be a great all-ages activity.

First, the kids hunted around the house for small items.  Not hard in this house!  Each child then placed their items neatly on a white piece of paper so that we could take a photo.

Then they popped their items into their jar while we coloured some rice.

We coloured our rice using this method.*  Although this time we simply put a few drops of food colouring into a ziplock bag full of rice, shook the bag until the colour was evenly distributed and in less than a minute it was dry.

Then the kids poured the rice straight from the ziplock bags into the jar on top of the collected items.

Then popped the lid on and shook away until the items were spread out and hidden within the rice.  You might want to secure the lid with super glue or a hot glue gun if you think your children might be tempted to open the lid!

We printed the photos of our items onto everyday white paper and attached them onto the jars with clear contact. You could also attach it around the top of the jar with string.  Alternatively you could just type the words & stick onto the lid, but as my youngest two can't read - we took photos.

  By covering the photos in contact, this meant that the kids could use a whiteboard marker to circle or cross off the items once they'd found them and then simply wipe off again for next time.

These jars would also make a great game for adults if you made it a little harder by putting smaller and alot more objects inside.  I have even seen them with crossword clues attached.

 If you are a little apprehensive about your kids and glass, you might like to try these fabric ones and I have  heard of no-sew 'seek & find bags' made using a pencil case and duct tape!

For more ways to amuse your kids these school holidays, check out our Kids Craft Page.

Joining in with the The Imagination Tree today.

* To be honest, this time I actually skipped the alcohol sanitiser and just used a few drops of coloring and it dried within a minute.  The colors were not as evenly spread or vibrant, but as you can see in the photos - it was certainly good enough for this activity.
* I would recommend not using all the one color (like one of ours) unless the items inside were of the same color as the rice, as the objects were just too easy to find.


Maxabella said...

I would love to be your kid!!! x

Mama of 2 boys said...

You are so clever Emma. This looks unreal :o) xo

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Wow, these look fab! I so have to try them.
I also agree with Bron/maxabella - I want to be your kid! You do the best things with them :)

SarahKaye said...

What cute jars! Love the multicolored rice! I have some in my classroom (monochromatic to go with the color we're focusing on). I use laminated picture cards for the item photos. The items were photographed on a blank grid paper, printed on cardstock, matted with colored paper (to match) and laminated. They use the cards like a grid game, putting a marker of some sort on an item once they find it. The items vary with the bottle- for instance, a bag of little plastic pumpkins from dollar tree goes with the orange bottle. Gotta love those extensions! :D

TahoeGrandma said...

I made these a few months ago with my preschool class....great for traveling!

Mama Pea Pod said...

Oh what a perfect use for the two giant plastic peanut butter jars I've been saving! Love your ideas Emma! 3>

MultipleMum said...

I love these Emma. So clever! More Christmas gift ideas that the kids will love making. Thanks xx

ally said...

You are such a great mum - so many good ideas

Sannah said...

Loved reading about this idea Emma, so we decided to give it a go on Wednesday. I had unfortunate choice of timing, in that I had just vaccuumed, and miss 2 decided she want to play with the rice. In the dining room, on the kitchen bench, on the table, on the kitchen floor... But it kept here happy for a long time and was worth the second vac. Thanks for sharing this idea! Next time I will do it just before I vaccuum!


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