In Australia, we celebrate Father's Day on the first Sunday in September - that's this Sunday.

For those of you who, like me, are not quite so on the ball this year with Fathers Day - you might like these free printable ideas to make Fathers Day a little fun (or stylish) this year.

- stylish Father's Day cards (as pictured above) here.

- stylish printable Father's Day gift card envelope here.

- Cute Father's Day fill-in-the-blank forms here.

- some very cool Father's Day cards here.  6 designs to choose from. (pictured above)

- a word search Father's Day card here.

- a printable Father's Day 'cootie catcher' here (pictured below). (Goose would love this!)

- some colour-your-own Father's Day cards here.

- a fun Father's Day room service door hanger here.

- fun Father's Day cards (as pictured below) here.


- As we have some superhero obsessed children at the moment, we'll be using these 'SuperDad' ones as well as these (pictured below)!  There are other SuperDad ones here too.  It's a common theme...


I'm sure those printables will keep you (or your kids) busy!


Vik said...

Wow these are great, thanks for sharing :)

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Thanks for sharing Emma. This Fathers day has crept up on me too, and I am so unprepared for it. This gives me some where to start - so a HUGE thank you!

MultipleMum said...

Thanks! A great craft activity for the next couple of afternoons. I need to get out and buy the hubby some undies and socks! x

m.e (Cathie) said...

you always find the best links!
like that first card.

thanks also for the loving...♥

Catherine said...

Thank Emma for all of these great links to help us to be organised for Father's day, you do find the best printables. x


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