Some more quick and simple handmade gifts for girls for you...

Paper has always been a favourite craft medium of mine.  Japanese paper* is something that we have a soft spot for at our house and due to Goose's love of all things Japanese, we have it in abundance.  
As well as a cute gift, these ideas would make great party favours also!

I made this fabric covered notepad using the same method that I used to make my Christmas cards last year.  Ironing fabric on to the cover using vliesofix.  Simple, but very effective.  Full tutorial here.

I just wrapped some paper around the pencil and eraser using some mod podge glue.  
Full tutorial on pencil here.

I love how something plain & inexpensive...

can quickly be made into something cute & giftworthy.

To make the peg magnets, I simply used double sided tape and stuck the pegs onto a sheet of patterned paper and used my scissors to cut around the peg.  I then attached a magnet onto the back.  I can imagine the gift above being given with a fabric covered notebook or some free printable stationery like this one.

Goose and I made up this little package for our lovely friend Shannon's birthday last week - who also happens to be our gorgeous babysitter!

fabric covered notebook - tutorial here
paper covered pencil - tutorial here.
origami covered erasor
paper beaded bracelet - tutorial here
origami paper crane - tutorial here
paper garland made from a mix of old sheet music & origami paper.

Shannon is in her mid twenties, but the same things could easily be modified for a younger girl...

Take out the tea and add some origami paper and an instruction sheet on how to make their own origami creatures.  There are many simple origami tutorials to be found here.

The Japanese card above was made from an old children's encylopedia, along with some origami paper.

Stay tuned for more simple handmade gifts for girls and even some guest posts from some other crafty handmade gift givers in the coming weeks.  If you are interested in doing a guest post for this simple handmade gifts for girls series - send me an email - I'd love to hear from you!

Linking in today with one of my favourite creative places on the web.

* I purchase all of our origami paper from ebay where there are many different sizes and prints to choose from.  I have found this store particularly prompt & helpful.


LionessLady said...

Such a sweet and afordable gift Emma! Almost got my guest post ready btw!!!!

Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

awesome Emma....i love paper products you can get now a days and I've got a little mod podge obsession going on at the moment so any craft were i can get that out is great! I've got my thinking cap on about little tutorial I can send your way...but first I think I'm going to make some of those cute paper pegs!!! Lovely catching up the other night too xx

Sannah said...

Those pegs are gorgeous!

I have no idea what mod podge is, clearly I am way behind as usual :)

The other day when I said that I had been hesitant in past to give hand made gifts is mainly because I think mine would look very homemade, not in a good way. If my things turned out like yours, I would definitely be keen to give home made gifts!

MultipleMum said...

These are great! I have been playing around with origami. Where do you get your paper? x


Love the paper garland. Thanks for making Xmas pressy gifts a little different this year :)

ZippyZippy said...

What a great collection of goodies.
Clever girls :)

Jane said...

Ah, Emma! Yet another brilliant project to bookmark and certainly something I intend to do soon on Planet Baby. Yes, like MM, I'm intrigued as to your pretty paper source. Is it an Etsy find? J x

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

Sannah - I'm sure that modpodge is probably just a fancier, more expensive version of white glue, but it is the glue that is used for decoupage. dries clear and is painted on. Purchased at craft stores such as Riot Art.

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

Jane & Multiple Mum - I purchased the origami paper from ebay! There is so much to choose from, but I have included the link to the particular store in Sydney who I have purchased from multiple times via ebay in the post if you would like to purchase any yourselves.

Sonia said...

Your gifts are fantastic! You are definitely getting the hang of all this gifty business. Actually, you and your sister should get together and reinvent yourselves into a new crafty business!! ;)


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