SIMPLE HANDMADE GIFTS FOR GIRLS... part ten {guest post}

There are so many fabulous and simple handmade gifts for girls out there that I thought I'd ask a few of my clever & creative blogging friends to share with you some of their ideas... 

This week the beautiful Brenda from Mira Narnie is sharing with us a gorgeously simple and very versatile gift for a girl of any age!  Brenda is a beautiful, stylish & talented soul and was one of the very first blogs that I started following.  I have always felt a kindred spirit and I am very lucky to have actually met her IRL* on a number of occasions.  I'd highly recommend heading over to her neck of the woods.  Thanks Brenda!

The Drawstring Bag

I love handmade gifts for girls.  I love making them, and I love when my little girl receives them.  So when Emma invited me to contribute to this segment, I was a little chuffed, but just delighted to have an excuse to make something oh so girly.   This project is a simple one, so great if you are a beginner and if your sewing skills are more advanced, don't dismiss the humble draw string bag, as it's a great way to stash other goodies that you make your recipient.

So this is what you will need.

A piece of fabric (mine was 28cm x 48cm)
sewing machine
ribbon or twill for threading (about 65cm)

Step 1.

Cut your fabric to your desired length.  Fold in half with right sides together.  Sew down one side from top to bottom.

Sew on the other side, but leave a one inch gap about one inch down (as this will form the casing for the ribbon to go through later).

Step 2.

  Iron the seams of that gap so that they are lying flat. 

Now, top stitch all around that gap, so as to neaten the edge.

Step 3. 

Turn down the opening of the bag about 1cm and press.

 Then turn down again hiding the raw edge, ensuring that your casing opening is at the top edge.  Press this again. Pin to secure and sew all around your bag making sure you don't sew that little opening.

Step 4.

Take your ribbon of choice and attach the saftey pin.  Use the saftey pin to help you guide the ribbon through the casing.  Join the two ends of the ribbon and tie a knot to prevent it slipping back through and so your lovely little bag can adorn a little girls wrist.

Step 5.

Give it all another press and your done!  Fill it with other handmade delights and give to a gorgeous girl you know.  I made two at once. 

One is for my daughter ballet slippers and the other bag will be a birthday gift.

Thanks Emma for having me and happy sewing everyone

Come back next Monday for another simple handmade gift for girls.  I'm planning on posting an idea every Monday until Christmas, so if you have an idea to share and would like to guest post - send me an email.  I'd LOVE to hear from you! 

* IRL - "In Real Life".


LionessLady said...

Great tute - love this one Emma... and thanks Brenda!

Mama of 2 boys said...

Such a gorgeous little bag! Now, if only I could sew :o/ Plenty of inspiration here to start though, clever ladies you are :o)
Emma, so excited you won once of my giveaway packs, YAY! xo

Mama of 2 boys said...

that would be *one* of my packs!

Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

thanks for having me Em! xx

Kymmie said...

Thanks Brenda! You make it look so easy, perhaps I could even do it!


Ramya said...

interesting blog. It would be great if you can provide more details about it. Thanks you.

Gift Ideas For Girl

Posie Patchwork said...

So cute!! Guess what honey, you won the Mollie Makes magazine on my blog giveaway, please send me your full name & address so i can post it up up & away to you, love Posie


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