Sorry it has taken me so long to post photos of the super fun and super pink supergirl party for the occasion of Frog's 3rd birthday. As per usual, as I have far too many photos, I will need to break the party up into a few posts.  I am going to over indulge with photos.  Hope you don't mind!  Let us begin with the activities...

On arrival guests could busy themselves with...

superhero coloring pages*

superpink playdough

decorating super masks and wristbands

putting on superhero tattoos

(not just for the kids)

getting dressed up as superheroes in the super-secret hideout

or having their photo taken in the "photobooth"

Then after we had all eaten we headed to the front yard for the 'superhero challenge'.  

To prove they were a true superhero, they needed to

jump over tall buildings

crawl through tunnels 

knock over walls

and fly high in the sky 

to receive their superhero certificates and lollypops.

Then we headed back to the shed for the super 'A' pinata.**

Stay tuned for the next instalment of the supergirl party...

or for more party ideas check out the FGB party ideas page here.

* all artwork for this party including colouring pages, certificates, etc. was drawn by my talented and awesome sister, Clare.  Thanks Super Clare!
** I did have my doubts that all would come undone with this activity, but surprisingly (& thankfully!) no injuries occurred!


LionessLady said...

Oh my gosh Emma! How terrific are those activities! Look at all those sweet smiling faces.

Mama Pea Pod said...

Emma, this is fantastic! We went to a superhero birthday party last spring and it was probably the most fun birthday party we've been to. I LOVE all your ideas!

ally said...

Super fun!!!
Looks fab Emma

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh I love love LOVE it Emma! What an awesome party! The activities look like so much fun... no wonder you had some adult participation... I'd be in that also ;o)
Love the photos, so please keep em coming xo
And well done on hosting such a cool event!

Jane's Journal said...

Fantastic party and I love those shots, Emma. All very very pink and super. Looks like your little super hero is having a ball! You do a GREAT job!

Jane said...

Em, you are a sensation. You need to set up a party business pronto, my friend! Extraordinary. J x

Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

wow Emma! This of course looks fantasic...;oh how i would love to be a kid again so i could have parties like this!!!! And kudos to your talented sister and i LOVE the pic of Super Granny and Lou with her son xx

Posie Patchwork said...

This is truly super fun, your home was made into the greatest party like an entire playland, just brilliant. Look at how happy everyone is, fantastic, i bet everyone left with beaming smiles. Love Posie

Maxabella said...

I bow before my Party Queen. xxxx

PS - SO linking to you when I do the Party on Down "Games" post. x

Sarah said...

I'm SO doing a photo-booth at our next do. I love it! And all the super activities - so simple, but SO fun.

m.e (Cathie) said...

emma you are just awesome! I love everything you create, absolutely amazing!
superhero theme is tres cool indeed, I think I may have to do that one year.

love the cake in your other post, turned out amazing, Lou said it looked great & it definitely does in the pic.

well done Party Mamma, you rock the party scene ♥

Jess said...

This looks like so much fun! I'm thinking of doing something like this for my daughter's fourth birthday party. Where did you get the temp tattoos? Or how did you make them?

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

Jess, I made the tattoos myself using "temporary tattoo paper" that I purchased on ebay. I will do a post soon about how I did this particular design. You can often find temporary tattoos already made up in all themes imaginable on ebay also.

Simoney said...

This is awesome Emma!
Your link didn't work so I've re-linked it up for you... which is why its taken me so long to comment!
I love your ideas - because the STYLE is awesome, but it also looks FUN! Which is what a party is all about, right??


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