As Goose and I snuck down the street to pinch some pine leaves* to embelish our pressies, she asked if we could make a wreath for our door.

I had been secretly wanting one myself, and had never made one before, so we set to work and in about 5 mins we had ourselves a wreath.  

We grabbed a wire coat hanger from the cupboard and pulled it out to make a circle shape.  You can probably just make out the hook of the coat hanger in the photo above.  Then we tied some pine branches on with some string and covered the string with some little red baubles (which are attached to wire) leftover from last years bon bons.

We added a little clay bird decoration that we nabbed from the Christmas tree.

Then posed for photos!

Maybe a little late with Christmas only being 2 more sleeps away, but it's pretty gorgeous (both the wreath and the child;) if I do say so myself!  In the above photo, Goose is holding some secret pressies that we made for her aunt's and uncles today.  I will post them tomorrow afternoon, as they are great last minute gift ideas, as I know that my family all read my blog!

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*  Just in case you were wondering... the trees are on the street, not in someone's yard.


Maxabella said...

Perfect! x

m.e (Cathie) said...

you have been so busy Emma!
wishing you & your gorgeous family a wonderful christmas.
much love to you all ♥

sell wow account said...

i really like the addition of a bird in the wreath. nice job


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