Couldn't resist sharing some photos from playgroup yesterday.   
All of this term we have been creating a rainbow. 
 Each week the kids* dressed in a different color of the rainbow and each week they brought along bits & pieces from home (eg. paper, feathers, fabric, buttons, etc) of the same color to stick on our large rainbow on the wall.  We completed a band each week.
Last week we celebrated the end of the rainbow with a 'rainbow party'. 
 Of course I only had my phone on me and you'll have to excuse the shots taken via hipstamatic.
 Thanks Susannah - that cake was the 'piece de resistance'! 

* adults too if truth be known.


Jane said...

Ooh, tips please, Emma! Miss India's rainbow party is on the 18th. I already have the rainbow cake sorted but would welcome any other ideas ☺. J x

LionessLady said...

Looks great Emma! Love the cake! Miss M had hers on the weekend... and I am still eating rainbow cake and lollies!!!!

Maxabella said...

Very sweet, Em. Lots to learn about rainbows! What's on the other side, for instance? x

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh how lovely Emma! There is just nothing nicer than a rainbow... or rainbow colours for that matter. My Mr4 is always mesmerised when we drive down Oxford St. Sydney, rainbow flags on every light post... have to say they catch my attention every time also.
That food looks terrific! :o) xo

Catherine said...

Isn't that a lovely idea to bring coloured craft and create a rainbow together:) Your rainbow party looks like fun and yummy too. I think I want a rainbow party, maybe I can see if one of the girls might want one;) x

ally said...

Great idea for playgroup!
My son rocks that rainbow fairy outfit too :-)

Anna Bartlett said...

You know I'm a sucker for a rainbow party - and that looks like a beauty. LOVE the collage!


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