My Creative Space - Miniature Bunting

I haven't joined in with the fabulously inspiring 'creative space' for a long time...

Inspired by many other clever gals across the internet and my stash of origami paper, I've been making some mini bunting birthday cards for friends.

Then I tried making some mini bunting by just sewing triangles together.  

I made these ones from an old Melbourne street directory for an extremely well-travelled 3 year old who has a thing for maps and had an aeroplane themed birthday party.

I also made some for my extremely well travelled sister-in-law who has a 'thing' for bunting and is currently living overseas.  Thought they might reminder her of home.

I quite enjoyed making them as I have a 'thing' for cutting paper with scissors.
It is a great 'in-front-of-the-telly' activity.  I need some more of those in my life.  I spend far too much time on the move and 'getting stuff done' after the kids go to bed and I need to allow myself some time just to sit in front of the telly.  This way at least I can still feel productive and not like I'm completely wasting my time.

Such frivolous time wastage can sometimes feel like a thing of the past for me.  Pre-children.  They just don't seem as urgent as the thousand other things that need to be done.  After pushing myself far too hard on too many occasions, since starting this blog, I am starting to realise that these things are possibly even more important for a mother sometimes.  When we have taken some time out doing something that relaxes or refreshes us we are much better mothers and much better people.  Sometimes those dishes just have to wait and cutting up paper triangles can be even better for the soul of someone like me who is completely energised by doing something a little bit crafty, creative and frivolous.  

Do you feel like you are wasting your time if you just sit and watch telly, read a book (or a blog), go for a walk, sit at the park watching your kids or cutting up paper triangles?  Or are you good at looking after yourself?

To check out other creative souls, head on over here.  You'll be stuck for hours and just maybe, that might not necessarily be a bad thing.


CC said...

I like your paper bunting. We have a few old Melways lying around. What a great way to recycle them.

I tend to feel like I am wasting time just sitting in front of the TV. I feel better if I'm doing something else, like reading the newspaper or folding laundry at the same time. I have been doing a bit of quilt making, which is fun. One of the best bits is hand stitching the binding bacause I get to sit down.

kate xx said...

Oh they are such charming cards! totally going to copy your idea! so simple but so cute! I always feel like I'm 'wasting time' if i sit in front of the tv or on blogs all day. Just the other day i felt deflated by the end of the day because I had been reading blogs gathering ideas, yet not actually putting anything into action. I always feel I have to be on the move to be productive, but sometimes its just nice to spend a day doing something we love and sometimes we just have to keep telling ourselves that we enjoyed wasting the time, and that it is therefore not wasted :) hope youre having a lovely sunny day with the kids! :) x

Madam Bongani said...

I'm always doing something in front of the telly, although Pip would rather I not! (i think it makes him feel like he should be doing something other than just sitting!)
I love your packaging ideas.....your so clever!

Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

love your buntings Emma - you know i have a penchant for a little bunting myself and I can't help but giggle at your comment as to not wanting to waste time, but also looking after yourself. i think that is the key to anything really - especially motherhood. i love that i get to nurture and look after my children but at the end of a long and hectic day, i find that i can take joy in doing something i love - and i wont allow myself to feel guilty over that indulgence! hope you are all well
b xx

Kymmie said...

So gorgeous Emma. I do admit that getting creative is so different from everything else I do, and it's a healing thing. I just wish I had more time to cut out triangles.

There is something quite medicinal about it!

Your cards are gorgeous!


DancingInTheRain said...

I was just wondering what I would do with all my pretty scraps of paper - I now have a very cool solution!! Thank you!

Tania said...

I can't sit in front of the TV without something to keep my hands busy - but that's exactly what I love about Friday nights! (ah, it's a glamourous existence). I realised things had reached a whole 'nother level at a parent/teacher info evening this week. My hands ITCHING for something to do...AAARGH!

ally said...

Lovely bunting
I sometimes wish I was one of those women who can't just sit (just think of all the jobs I'd actually get done...) but I can.
And its kind of nice :-)

Megan said...

I am great at looking after myself. Too great probably. It will be a huge culture shock when I get around to having kids! At the moment though, I think I deserve all the looking after myself I can do! And so do you!

Susannah said...

So cute Emma.
I think you definitely need to work on your ability to not feel the need to be busy all the time ;-)
x Sannah

Mama of 2 boys said...

These are just adorable Emma and so creative with the street directory... the possibilities are endless for this piece of craft. Love it.
I feel I waste a bit of time with the tele, but I do quite a bit of blogging once the boys are in bed... I don't see that as time wasting though. I definitely need to take up a craft though, because my fingers and brain are all getting itchy seeing the wonderful things created in the blogging world. Watch this space.... xo

Dee said...

LOVE mini paper bunting. I made a stack for our recent party.

Maxabella said...

Sweeties! Love it, Em. Very fiddly, I think, so I know I would go mad, but I really love the effect. x

The KitchenMaid said...

I am not good at sitting in front of the telly. I really wish I was (and I think it drives my partner mad). Now, tell me about this bunting. Do you sew it? How?

bianca stella cash said...

i love anything bunting. on a card or the actual thing. love it. and like the happy birthday type.

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

They are lovely Emma. I am hopeless at sitting still too, almost always doing some thing else when watching TV, not that I watch TV very often anymore (well, actually we dont have a TV yet, we watch things on the computer)
I have an internet subscription to do yoga classes, but I have not used it yet, always some thing else to do, like washing or cooking dinner.
I hope you can find more time for you. If you find the secret, let me know please :)


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