This post is for Annie.
Frog, Goose, Bear & myself, all with rainbow toes.  

Annie is a beautiful, creative, mother of five and she had her left breast removed yesterday, after finding a lump only two short weeks ago.  She painted rainbows on her toes before surgery as a sign of hope & courage.  There are friends everywhere painting their toes in rainbow colours as a sign of support.  If you know Annie, or even if you don't - join in!

About a month ago, Annie posted a photo of her dinner.... baked blue tongue on her blog.  We have a blue tongue lizard who lives in our shed.  We've named him Bluey.  So, of course, I had to give baked blue tongue a try!  Not quite as perfect as Annie's, but it is now the most requested meal here at FGB headquarters.  You'll notice, Annie, that I even followed your advice of making an individual blue tongue for each child.  

We haven't seen Bluey for quite a few weeks and I was beginning to wonder if he was OK.  Just before taking the pic of our rainbow toes this afternoon, Bluey showed up right in the middle of the shed floor in a much more bold position than ever before.  Annie, it must be a sign.


Elegant Easter Eggs

You might remember that last year there was a little Japanese fad going on at our house... and that when I came across this idea I had to give it a try.  A year on, I still have a love for Japanese origami paper.  As my recent bunting cards may attest.

 I ended up only making one egg last year, the sparkly blue one in the photos (I'd accidentally purchased glitter modpodge) and it is still in good condition a year on.*  

You can find the full instructions on how to make them over here.  
Mine were more of a slapdash kind of job, not quite as fiddly as Martha suggests, but I think they still turned out quite well.  Origami paper works well for this project because it works best with thin paper.  We might end up doing them for the MOPS craft this week.

These eggs are fun for the kids to try as well.  
Frog was very proud of this one that she & I made below!

Joining in today with Jodie, the Haby Goddess in her new Make-Grow-Thrift linky.

Do you do easter crafts?  I love any excuse really - adds to the magic maybe...

* the eggs were blown so they'll last for a long time - as long as you don't drop them!
P.S.  I just had to include this dodgy little photo taken a year ago of Goose & Frog blowing some eggs.  
Gorgeous kids - they grow up too fast!



I have been eager to show you all some photos from a birthday party that we went to in January.  It was held outside at the local park and was such a lovely day!  I thought I'd show you some photos of the extra special touches!  An aeroplane party was the perfect theme for this little three year old who has gone on more plane trips than most little girls her age!  

Aeroplane fairy bread.

Aeroplane Biscuits

An amazing aeroplane pinata

 Aeroplane Coloring Pages to decorate.

 Paper plane construction & flying.

The gorgeous host with the birthday girl.

This was the birthday girl for whom I made the map bunting and her lovely Mum was influential in encouraging me to start blogging in the first place.  Thanks Alison!  

If you'd like to see more party posts, head over here to the FGB party page!
Or if you'd like to share your own party, head over here to the FGB DIY party linky!



This year, I am once again co-ordinating the craft activities for my MOPS* group.  Once a fortnight I need to come up with a 30 minute craft for a group of gorgeous women.  Some are seasoned crafters and others are new to expressing their creative side.  I love the challenge!  I'm really excited about the fun crafts we'll be making this year.

One of the crafts that we've done already this year is to make clay necklaces.**
You might remember the clay decos that Goose & I made at Christmas time.  Same concept.  Oven baked clay imprinted with leaves.

We also made some with newspaper imprints.  If you want to give this a go, remember that the image comes out in reverse.  The one attached to the necklace on the picture below is from a picture of a tomato plant from a Bunnings ad.

We attached them at the back, by first of all putting a dob of hot glue onto a small split ring and then attaching this onto the back of the cooked clay with superglue. We then slid it onto the wire necklace.  It also means that the clay images are also interchangeable.  

Oven baked clay comes in all different colours, so the possibilities are endless.
I've been loving working with this simple and easy to use clay lately. The kids really enjoy playing with it too and making their own creations. 

Sage & Daisy leaves were my faves.

I'm keen to try making some small bowls like this & this.  
Have you used clay before?  What have you made?

I've been collecting simple craft ideas on my pinterest page.  If you have any ideas for me - I'd love to hear your suggestions!

Joining in with our creative spaces once again.

There are MOPS groups all over the world.  MOPS is short for 'Mothers of Preschoolers' and according to our facebook page - MOPS offers a caring & accepting atmosphere where Mums have an opportunity to share concerns, make friends, explore areas of creativity and learn.  We have some really worthwhile speakers & discussions.
** Thanks Claire & Candy for the inspiration!  & thanks Claire for making 30 of those split ring/hot glue combos!


My Creative Space... bringing back the 80's!

When I was in high school I loved scrunchies.  I remember making scrunchie upon scrunchie on my mothers sewing machine using her fabric scraps.  They were cool once and I have been itching to make some more for ages and give them a come back!

 I don't think I'm the first. I have seen them around.  When I eventually got around to making them, I was surprised how much the girls loved them.  Goose was wearing hers every day to school and refusing to wear anything else, so I thought I'd make one to match her school uniform!

I found a second-hand dress at the school uniform shop for only $2 and used it to make a scrunchie and some fabric covered hairties.

 As you can see in this pic, in true 80's style Goose is wearing her ponytail on the side as well!  

These would make another great handmade gift for girls
If you'd like me to write up a tutorial, let me know.

Do you find the comeback of 80's fashion a little disturbing?  
Or are you embracing it?

Joining in again this week with our creative space - an inspiring collection of creativeness.



Before Summer is completely over, I thought I'd share this deliciously easy dessert with you...

Simply cut your peaches in half, taking out the stones.  
Place the peaches on to a baking tray and cover liberally in brown sugar.

Then pop them in a 220 C (428 F) oven for about 20 mins 
or until the sugar is melted and the peaches have softened.

Enjoy with icecream or cream!

Do you love summer fruits?  

Do you have any great summer fruit recipes?

For some more easy peasy desserts head over to the FGB easy recipes page.


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